Welcome to WA Indoor Netball Association

Indoor Netball is relatively new to the Australian sporting landscape in that the national body was formed in 1990, however the sport continues to grow more and more each year.The sport is part of an international competition with other countries including New Zealand, England and South Africa.

The Association boasts a fast competitive game where players Male and Female of all ages can show their skills in the game of Indoor Netball. Indoor Netball, as the name suggests, bares several similarities to the traditional outdoor sport but the two sports also differ significantly.
The main difference is that in indoor netball the ball is always in play, there are no sidelines, instead they are replaced by nets. This makes Indoor Netball a much faster, exciting and dynamic sport enjoyed by both men and women, and is enjoyed both socially and competitively in indoor centers across Australia, as well as other countries across the world.
Junior Nationals attracts teams from all States and South Africa traditionally bring a contingency across to compete in the tournament.
Over the last two years WA has been very successful in the Junior Arena with teams making Finals and Players and Umpires being selected to Represent Australia. 
Indoor Juniors differs offers a unique experience for players on both an personal and athletic level.
" I was a part of the very first year of Junior Nationals in Western Australia. 5 years later I still have friends that I meet in that very first year and will have them forever.  
States is an experience that you will never forget. You make lifelong friends, and play in the hardest, most challenging but rewarding competition against the best of the best from all other states of Australia.  
I just keep coming back, playing for 3 years and now into my second year of coaching. It really is an unforgettable experience, but be prepared to work hard!"
"I started states in 2010 as a player and yet I am still here 4 years later in 2014 as a coach.
States has not only given me life long friends but many unforgettable sisters and brothers.
 It has allowed me to travel Australia and play the best of the best within our sport. The competition is nothing like what you experience here and pushes you to achieve your best. States is one of the best things I chose to do so far and they’ve got me hooked for many more years."


Junior State Indoor 

2016 Junior National Championships

6 Aside and 7 Aside Netball

Venue TBA

From November 26th to December 3rd.

Trial Dates to be Advised


For more information email waina@live.com.au